woensdag 15 februari 2017

Test 1 - 2

First testride was a succes.

2 opmerkingen:

Noot zei

That bike is fucking killer ! Hey, make sure that CV carb slide works easy. My CV (on long up hills) didn't have enough vacuum to pull the slide up - so it fell under engine load (lower vacuum) and it would lean-out, and almost scored a piston. I cut a couple coils off the spring, and it had a bit more response too. Don't know how hilly Belgium is???? Bitchin' build Baron. Respectfully, Noot PS. Heeadin' to Mama tried Show Friday - That bike would fit right in.

-BaRoN- zei

Now that's some usefull information ! How much did you actually cut off the spring ? Any examples ?
Biggest part of Belgium is as flat as a pancake but it wouldn't hurt to have some more response.
Have fun at Mama tried and thanks for the comment.