maandag 12 oktober 2015

Greenfield Groove

On saturday we had another practice day - presentation at King's Lynn and 
On (Any) Sunday we had the privilige of going to George Pickerings private track at his farm.

Anthony "Co-Built" Brown and Max "Sideburn"

 Angelo and myself watching and learning

 Anthony holding on to his CRF

#24 Oliver Brindley (16y)

#38  George "Greenfieldgroove" Pickering

AMA national #10 Johnny Lewis

Johnny and Co-Built Geoff

Hubert "Frenchie" Bastie 

 #30 Alan Birtwistle

 Flying in formation

Geoffs #45 Co-Built Rotax


Angelo trying out my #62

Go fast - Turn right !

 Anthony on Angelo's KTM Starframer

My head is still buzzing from this weekend !
Perfect ending to a great season of riding with the DTRA.

DTRA 2016 can't come soon enough !

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