dinsdag 26 juni 2012

-IroN : ProBLem-

Moved the fuses from the inside of the oiltank to the outside.
Think this will prevent them from overheating and hopefully fix the stalling problem.

Going to Chimay the bike died on me after 50km - got it running again - then 20km - dead - then 5km - dead - then 500m - dead - had to push the last 200m to the campsite...
Bike didn't start anymore till I put in a new condenser the next day.
Thought that fixed the problem. For some reason I decided to try the old condenser again and guess what : it started again.

So the condenser is not the problem.
I think it's the (bi-metal thermic) fuses overheating but if anyone has other thoughts, please leave a comment.

Looks a bit more messy but as long as it keeps the bike running...
Took it out for a testdrive and everything seems fine for now.

3 opmerkingen:

Goatriders Horde zei

I just baught you 2 new condesors

-BaRoN- zei

tyvm for that ! they always come in handy

Pascal zei

Strange that you hadn't had that problem when you were going to Bottrop?! Mine are also on top of the oiltank. No problems what so ever!