maandag 21 mei 2012

-"FLyiN' HigH"-

Finally all done
Did about 200km so far and she rides and handles like a dream
Thanks to everyone who helped me out on this long journey

Custom weld-on hardtail, oiltank, exhausts and loads of other details by IronPit

Footnote :
If u didn't build the bike yourself, don't claim u did
I've been hearing and reading this too often lately...
I took the bike apart, put it back together and rewired it that's about it.
All the actual building, grinding, welding etc was done by Ronnie from IronPit

- Credit where credit's due -

5 opmerkingen:

CracK EuniD zei

That's One Beautiful Ride, I Say!

René zei

Cool Bram!!! Prachtige fiets geworde!
Sven vertelde me dat je niet me dat je niet meer mee kon naar Zweden.. Balen man. De 30e juni word ook cool! haha

Chris zei

Wat een propere machine! Proficiat.

Sideburn Magazine zei

That is a wonderful looking shed. G

-BaRoN- zei

it's the perfect mancave