dinsdag 1 mei 2012

-FaCt cHeCkiNg XR 750-

Some time ago I made this post of the Iron XR 750.
Bill send me an email to share his remarks on what was written about the bike.

The original post :

1970 was the first-year production for the "Iron XR", manufactured to meet racing criteria and rules according to the AMA at the time. Only 200 were assembled. Then the HD racing department realized after a few races the frames needed modification and the steel top end was heavy and extremely hot. HD decided the XR was not race worthy and disassembled and destroyed the frames on 80% of them.

Rumor has it that this survivor bike was turned over to Evel Knievel, who used it for pre-show exhibition and display. The builder for Evel at the time performed the modifications of the stock HD rear brakes. 

This is what Bill has to say about the bike :

The story of the 1970 XR750 that you write about on your blog could have used some fact checking
The "iron" XR won a number of National Championship dirttrack races in 1970-1971
80% of the bikes were not scraped....that would be 160 out of 202
I owned and raced the iron version of the XR when they were current...they were fast and handled OK
As a new design there were some issues most of which were addressed with the introduction of the alloy version in 1972
The iron XR pictured is not a good representative of these bikes as there are many resto mods as opposed to a period look

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