vrijdag 10 februari 2012

-ShE's HoMe-

One skinny bike

Time to put these 2 back together.

Word of advice :

Before you jump into an adventure head first, do your homework !
Do some research, check someones credentials.
Better think twice and maybe pay a little more but in the end the result will be so much better.

I learned the hard way.
(read "expensive way")


6 opmerkingen:

xx80xx zei

Ha! Nice! Skinny bike for a skinny guy

FAes zei

staat dat achterwiel er nu ni scheef in?

-BaRoN- zei

optisch bedrog..

CracK EuniD zei

Really Clean!
No Bolts On The Bottom?

-BaRoN- zei

ni nodig. kon perfect gelast worden

René zei

Sexy motherfucker.
Ziet er netjes uit Bram!