vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

-ExTenDInG The SpORtSteR-

This Sportster was featured in a 1970 Street Chopper mag on DIY lenghtening the front end of an XL.

Watchu think J ?

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Anoniem zei

fuck what are we waiting for.
I even got the same seat layin around.... I mean I had it layin around, I have to bag Rob to give it back than.
Can't wait to order that KR tail section, you better start doin some overtime, I wanna order NOW!

Oliver zei


-BaRoN- zei

we'll work something out
I know what I'll be doin' this winter...

Anoniem zei

I wrote them an email to day to have an idea of shipping cost.

B-Vocabulary zei

Ik heb 8" overs liggen!!!

-BaRoN- zei

I know... ;-)