maandag 3 januari 2011

-1948 InDiaN mOdEL 648 "BiG bASe" ScOuT-

This 1948 Indian model 648 is just one of 50 "Big Base" Scouts originally made. The 50 made were numbered 101-150; this motorcycle has an engine number of FDH 116. Originally owned and raced by Bob Lutz in the greater Midwest from 1948-1965. He crashed hard in 1965, and gave up racing, intending on restoring the bike back to original some day. Larry Faussett of Tulsa, Oklahoma was a construction worker, who during his spare time, searched out Indian motorcycles to purchase, restore, and sell. Larry knew of the existence of this 648 Indian, and tried to buy it from Bob. Larry would phone Bob approximately every six months, and inquire if it was finally for sale. This went on for years, until 1980 when Bob indicated that his wife wanted some things fixed around the house, and since he finally decided he would never restore the bike, he sold it to Larry. Larry purchased the bike; re-painted it a black color, got it running, and then sold it to the consignor in 1998. Bob had originally called the bike the "Goat." Originally it was painted bright green. Bob had modified the bike for dirt track racing, by using a lighter "junior scout" front end, tank, and removal of all road racing equipment. He used a 2 into 1 exhaust system which he claimed resulted in more low end torque, needed for dirt track racing. Only 50 of these 648 Scouts were made by Indian Motorcycle Company for sale to "existing Indian racers." They were not sold to the general public. It is not known how many of the 50 bikes originally produced survive today. Some estimate seven, of which five are in road racing trim, and two are dirt track racers, this being one of the two.

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