vrijdag 21 januari 2011

-1948 HD WR DiRt TrACk RaCEr-

In 1941 HD unleashed the WR, "W" stood for 45 cubic inches and "R" for racing.
This WR Dirt Track racer was piloted by the legendary Al Knapp when he won the Amateur National Championships in 1952. Al won 56 meets that year, and was regarded as the Midwest's leading Amateur. Al turned expert in 1953 and raced against and with the 'new' KR models on this bike.

When it was last raced in the Vintage series it continued to win holding the Iowa Amatuer Hand Shift 1st place trophies from 1994 to '96.

Trade mark Al Knapp period modifications including drilled holes everywhere, Peashooter front forks and Schwinn handlebars.

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