maandag 5 juli 2010


First trip with the Iron. Did a pretty decent job. Runs really smooth and I think she's pretty fast too but we have to adjust the chain first (way too loose).
Unfortunatly in the end the bike died on me. Had to leave it behind at The Professor's place so I know it's in good hands !
Had a great day with nice folks, nice weather, nice bike's, the usual breakdowns, beers and burgers.
Thanks to The Gasketblowers, Keith for helping me out (again!), Rob and Gill !



More pix :
Eat Dust

3 opmerkingen:

B-Vocabulary zei

these pic's are the shit!!!!

Anoniem zei

was cool to meet you!
nice pics indeed...check out mine on my blog
grtz Andy (bouncer)

Gill zei

What a kool ride,
hope the iron will be back on the road soon.