vrijdag 31 juli 2015

Track time

Put some lower bars on the tracker but boy I am dying to get some more tracktime !
This shithole of a country has very few tracks and you have to pay ridiculous amounts to rent it. 

Up to 3000€/day °-°

donderdag 30 juli 2015

dinsdag 28 juli 2015

Michaels 69 HD

Always liked this bike.
Nothing fancy just some small subtle changes.
Could be yours now

1969 Harley Shovelhead with clear 69 HD california title in my name.
Just about every piece of this bike was modified in some subtle way by the best guys in the business!
The tanks are Panhead tanks that where narrowed and shortened, but still hold 3 gallons of fuel!  The dash is the stock dash, and was also modified to be smaller.  The bars are narrowed Panhead bars with internal throttle.  It's a jockey shift and rocker clutch set up.  The stock primary was cut down and re-shaped without the electric start hump.  The frame was modified with Panhead drop seat lugs.  The front trees are Noise Cycles aluminum narrow wide glide trees with the stock legs and a Norton Twin leading shoe brake.  The seat is a leather seat with memory foam by the Haifley Bros.  The rear fender and fender stays have been shortened and re-shaped.
The oil cooler and sissy bar are the most recent additions.
There is much more. Email Michael directly michael@mesfoto.com

zaterdag 25 juli 2015

Classic Race Jackets

Pete Rout put up an awesome stand at Dirt Quake with original and replica hand made race jackets from the golden age of speedway

Pete next to his own leathers from back in the day

Sideburn # 1 & # 2

Collection complete !

Thanks Jason 

DTRA round # 4 King's Lynn + Dirt Quake IV

Flat Track School with Peter "Boastie" Boast

Sean & David

Peter showing us how it's done

 Bill & Breakfast

 The Old School Swaffham Ale

Have a seat...

Big thanks to the Porter family for taking care of us

Saturday pits vibe

Gnarly Wall of Death at the Dirt Quake

Lovely Norton 
Red Max Speedshop

Dirt Quake riders parade

Dirt Quake IV...
Total mayhem and this year we saw some fast racing

See you next time !

donderdag 9 juli 2015


Kevin enjoying his '75 iron

dinsdag 7 juli 2015

donderdag 2 juli 2015


Took off on a little solo trip that I had been thinking of for quite some time
Direction : Cap Gris Nez, France 

Cap Blanc Nez 

Airconditioned tent  

Rise and shine

 Took me at least 2 hours before I had my morning coffee
The horror..

Watch out for dehydration kids

Stopped at the river La Gorge for a 2h break

 Plan was to make it a 3-day trip but came back a day early 
I just can't handle the heat very well.
35°C and more
Next time I'll go to Iceland or Siberia..

The shovel ran hot but did a perfect job (+800km in 2 days)
Stopped regularly to let her cool down

But the scenery, beautiful !
What a great ride