woensdag 28 maart 2012

'71 Sporty

Great bike - great pics (from Street Chopper?)
Check the front wheel brake


 Crackeunid's tank for his shovel painted by El Cheapo

donderdag 22 maart 2012

-'38 KnUckLe-

Dave Barker’s '38 H-D Knucklehead

woensdag 21 maart 2012

-GrAVeYaRd + HoRiSOnt-

Last night @ AB Club


First up was Horisont



-PaRtS fOr SaLe-

Check out the Parts For Sale page

maandag 19 maart 2012



-SB #10-

Now available @ Sideburn

The perfect Royal Enfield

Jason's 1940 Indian Sport Scout

How Zen Bros

Bird approved

vrijdag 16 maart 2012

-AnGeLo's TrUmP-

Looks killer !


Blue is better.
Still have tons of shit to do..

-LiTtLe CaBin-

woensdag 14 maart 2012


New garment from the boys

maandag 12 maart 2012

-'62 xLh SpOrtStEr StrEeT TrACkeR-

Up for auction is Dave Polgreen's ground-up custom built 1962 Harley Davidson XLH Sportster.  This bike has everything and needs nothing.  It is a show winner, magazine-featured bike that could be ridden anywhere.  Details:
Motor:  The motor was completely rebuilt from the crank up, with the assistance of sporty motor expert Rick Brandt and cylinder head rebuilder Gabe "Gator" Patton.  It is stock displacement with the cylinder bored .20 over I think.  Crank was trued and balanced perfectly,  New pistons.  Everything that wasn't good in the motor (which was pretty much nothing, this motor was nice) was replaced with the best parts available.  Gator rebuilt the heads, recutting the valve seats and making sure it all worked perfectly.  The cams are the hot Andrews Y cams, the hottest you can run without additional headwork.  It runs a Mallory electronic distributor for easy starting.  Carb is an S&S Shorty E carb with bugeye air filter. The generator and regulator is a cycle electric, which is the best you can buy, they work forever.  This motor is geared for low end torque and will wheelie at will if you drop the clutch.  Cases are aluminum painted, cylinders and heads were powdercoated.  Everything else is chrome or polished aluminum.  There have been two repairs on this motor--the kicker cover must have had a crack, as you can see the repair.  It was done well and has functioned great.  The right side of the case on top of the kicker are must have had a gouge or something, as that area has a small repair as well.  This repair was also done well and functions flawlessly.  This motor has the harder-to-find "Sportster" script aluminum primary.  The exhaust is an all hand-made 2-1, ending in a Supertrapp tuned muffler.  Exhaust is routed super close to the motor and exits inside of the shocks for a super narrow and and clean look.  I wouldn't hesitate to ride this motor anywhere, there are less than 1500 miles on this motor, it is just broken in!
Chassis:  The frame is a stock frame that has been powdercoated.  Made only a few modifications to the frame.  Made a subframe to mount the rear tail section, which is a replica XR750 tailsection made out of fiberglass.  The subframe also holds the battery and provides a license plate mount and tail light holder.  Taillight is a super-bright LED light bar.  I moved the shock mounts back about two inches to raise the bike higher and give it better suspension. I shaved all of the unnecessary brackets as well.  Shocks are brand new Progressive shocks, which work great.  The front fork is a stock 35mm dual disc front end with a custom-made fork brace. The wheels are both invader wheels.  The front is a 21" wheel with the dual discs, running a rare and hard-to-find Dunlop K-180 street tracker tire.  The rear wheel is a custom-made 19" invader wheel set up for the stock sporty drum brake, also sporting a Dunlop K-180 tire.  Handlebars are vintage Tomaselli flat-track handlebars.  Front end sports the traditional aluminum "eyebrow", but I custom-mounted an Aris-style triangular headlight underneath the eyebrow.  Hand controls utilize the stock clutch lever and a sportbike brake master cylinder with a custom fluid reservoir.  Front brakes are stock Harley calipers that stop well. Front rotors were custom cut in a five-spoke pattern to match the invader rim.  Rear drum shoes were redone with brand new material and shoes were arced to the drum by a pro.  This thing stops on a dime and handles great.
Sheet Metal:  Rear tail section is a custom-mounted XR-750 replica.  Seat is a thin pad stitched up by my buddy Gator.  Gas tank is a stock sporty 2.2 gallon tank.  Paintwork is a black base with purple and silver metalflake panels, done by Michael Geltz of Flying Weasel Garage in Keokuk, Iowa.  The paint is extremely well done and looks incredible.  You can't do bad bodywork and have a black base, so you can see how nice this paint is. Oil tank is a K-model oil tank that I mounted high to clear the exhaust.
This bike is in the current issue of Show Class Magazine (issue #5).  In addition, it was photographed this past summer by well-known motorcycle photographer Josh Kurpius, and will run in magazines internationally as well.  

Go hereeBay.com

-On HeR oWn 2 FeEt-

zondag 11 maart 2012

Hate it when this happens...

vrijdag 9 maart 2012

maandag 5 maart 2012


Ignition ? Check !

zondag 4 maart 2012

-HiGh oN FiRe-

New album available on April 3